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In college classes, you will often be asked to read several articles and write an essay about an idea you form from reading the articles. This kind of essay is called a synthesis essay. In this module, you will be given two lists of articles to choose from. You will need to read the articles on your list and then write a synthesis essay. You will use sources from the articles to support your own ideas.

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In this last module, you'll practice writing one more academic essay. What will be different in this module is that you will choose your own topic and find your own sources. You will also finally start learning about creating a work cited page to list your sources on.

If it's something that there had been lots of opinions written about, then it's not going to make a good topic for your documented essay. You can write a thesis like in your synthesis essay, where you were showing the reader something important. And then remember to use other types of body paragraphs too, such as compare and contrast or narration, or cause and effect.

In this lecture, I'm gonna show you how to create a works cited page. If you have a very long title in your in text citation, you only write a couple of the words. You see the title is actually longer, UVa Expels Plagiarizing Ohio University Student from Ship, but in the in text citation, we just need a couple of those words, and they need to have quotation marks, because it's a title.

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