Document Types and their Considerations

فصل High-Impact Business Writing ، بخش 3 : Document Types and their Considerations

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In this module, I'll first address agendas, a frequently overlooked step, which is absolutely necessary for a productive meeting. I will address best practices in terms of tone, style, length, and language choices and I will speak about executive summaries. Take the time to carefully review the activities, and check your understanding with the quiz at the end of the module.

Some companies, in an effort to manage time more effectively, have standards of practice that require 30 minute meetings. A list of specific questions to be answered, or decisions to be made in the meeting, will allow the attendees to do the necessary research or consider their positions. This is important because, simply stating that attendees should be prepared to discuss a particular topic, may not always inspire them to bring the relevant information with them.

A business letter is a means of establishing rapport, providing official notification, clarifying expectations and formally acknowledging a job well done by an employee or a vendor. Business letters are often a call to action so think about how you could motivate your readers to act by giving them reasons that matter specifically and significantly to them. Some tips on being effective and professional, an activity to help you identify common errors in business letters, and review the purposes and some guidelines when creating a memo.

If the executive summary is to be placed at the beginning of a report on a study or an analysis, much of this list would be similar, except that they're may not be a need to identify management. A great resource that explains how to write a professional executive summary was written by the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Environmental Program. Provide conclusions and recommendations, consider your audience, avoid confusing or emotional language, proofread and spell check, and be logical, clear, and interesting.

Also, readers who may be asked to review and comment on your document and the conclusions that you've made. It's easy to stray off track when writing a lengthy report, especially if the findings have generated new ideas. You might have become emotionally attached to the topic, or your conclusions if you have been working on this project or research for a long time.

If you have already established a relationship with the other party, you might not need the sales, the company background, or the statement of the problem component of the proposal. A carefully developed project plan might also serve as a good form of substantiation for your proposal. As you prepare your proposal, keep your number one selling point in mind and make sure that your writing reflects that focus.

It's much like a business plan, and is usually written to justify a program, solicit extra funding, or simply create a record of how a project will be done. In this lesson, I will address the steps in developing a business case, as well as the components of the final written document. In all cases, though, thoroughly revise and edit your document and ensure that your grammar and word choice are of the highest quality.

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