Spelling, Grammar, Sentence and Paragraphs

فصل High-Impact Business Writing ، بخش 2 : Spelling, Grammar, Sentence and Paragraphs

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I hope that module one gave you some useful insights into word choice and sentence structure. A simple oversight such as using the wrong form of the word their can diminish the reader's impression of your competence. It's worth taking the time to be sure of some of the common word choice errors and misspellings which I will highlight in this module.

I recommend that if you are writing for an international audience, keep in mind that there are acceptable spelling variations in the different kinds of English. Another type of common error in writing is the use of pronouns, and pronoun-linking verb contractions, which sound similar. Some spelling errors are related to the fact that words sound very similar but their meanings are quite different.

Like spelling issues, grammar violations in a business document can reflect negatively on a professional or a company. You will find many practice activities as you move through this lecture to check your understanding and refresh your memory about some of these frequently overlooked grammar rules. A colon is used to make note of what follows, and is typically succeeded by elaboration, summation, interpretation of what it proceeds.

Now that we've addressed spelling, word choice, and punctuation, let's expand our view to sentences. You might need a new sentence or even a new paragraph to explain the term or a concept in simple straightforward English. Imperative sentences are advisable when you're making a to do list, creating an agenda, or outlining an instructional manual.

This sentence summarizes for the reader what the paragraph is all about, usually by restating the main idea or offering a conclusion. If you choose to use some of the recommendations provided by Garner, as I described earlier, you might use the sentences you created for each idea in your outline. I also talked about paragraphs, their structure, the use of transitions to ensure a smooth flow and the importance of outlining.

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