Communicating With Executives

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Executives wear a lot of hats, as well, and they use their expertise to quickly tease out critical information, which allows them to successfully keep those balls in the air. If you're meeting virtually, try to incorporate some visual interaction via webcam to highlight facial expressions or show a one page summary to emphasize your points. I suggest that prior the encounter, consider what things would illicit a no from this individual and spend just as much time crafting potential responses as you did developing your recommendation, so you're not caught under pressure in the moment.

High S, their inclination is to take their time before acting and make decisions based on people and emotion so the s here stands for steady. So again going back to the original two questions we asked, the high c's inclination is to take their time before acting and to make decisions based on logic. Well the big thing that I would suggest you all do about four seconds after we close this session is Google Disc, d-i-s-c. You'll find lots of information.

There are certainly times when you will bump in to your senior management in the hallway, or the parking lots, elevator, maybe, and then you may build some kind of rapport with them. A long time ago, when I was brand new computer programmer, when our company vice president came to me to create some sales reports, okay. If you are invited to present your opinion or to make a case about a specific idea or strategy you are most likely building on your expertise and your professional relationships.

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