Communicating With Your Direct Reports

فصل Communication in the 21st Century Workplace ، بخش 4 : Communicating With Your Direct Reports

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As we discussed in the Communicating with Peers module, conflict naturally arises in the workplace, and there is no better breeding ground for it than on teams made up of people who bring different approaches and perspectives to the table. Communicate your openness to discuss conflict through verbal statements and particularly monitor your nonverbal behaviors, expressions and gestures during this time. I hope that you've learned some new techniques or become more aware of how knowing your audience in the workplace can help you apply some useful and effective communication strategies.

Someone outside of the group says something about someone on your team that needs correcting, and now you've built up this relationship as their friend and you have to go back and tell them this kind of hard-to-tell news. You want to, going back to what I was talking about previously with communication, really over-communicate, let people know how well they're doing on a regular basis. And he had a really good talent of breaking that down in a way that other people outside the group who don't necessarily spend their days looking at data were able to actually understand it.

Bob's Big Boy used to be a pretty, I'll say classic American diner type restaurant. One of them has also been a factory worker, a publisher, and ultimately returned to library work, and in fact, that's where they met. When you interrupt your co workers when they are speaking it doesn't allow us to hear all of the important different opinions that we need to discuss, so that's facts.

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