Communicating With Your Manager

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If you plan to have a verbal conversation about one key project at your meeting with your manager and instead you discover he or she needs your help with something urgently, switch gears, confirm how they would like it delivered. Since managers wear a lot of hats, putting your key message up front will inclus, increase the likelihood of it being fully received. Use a five-step technique that starts with emotional preparation, allows you to explore solutions and focus on positive aspects.

Hello, I'm here today with Angela Webster, Director of Human Resources at Starbucks Coffee company. Sure, so I think the persuasion in addition to the things that we've already discussed being aware of how you manage and make decisions can be a really useful data point. Share the bad news right up front, and then be prepared to follow up immediately with either a solution or a lesson learned.

Before we begin, how about a quick reminder of the five steps you can take to help make the delivery of this news go much more smoothly. For example, if your news is that a star team member is leaving consider looking up some potential canvas for the position. This means try to deliver the news during normal working hours, and not right before lunch, or right as they need to leave for their carpool, or to pick up a child from daycare.

The issue is the way in which you sending out too many text messages, waiting in the parking lot for his boss, these don't really come across as professional behaviors. And yeah, she's the boss, so let her talk first, but remember you had to straighten me out about end of day meetings when you first started working for me. Well, because Jason was willing to have this open, honest discussion with Lisa, they are able to move forward together and build a strong professional relationship.

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