Feasibility Studies

فصل Essentials of Entrepreneurship- Thinking & Action ، بخش 2 : Feasibility Studies

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I'm not gonna use the reduced common cash flow statement format that you see published in financial reports. My cash flow statement is gonna have more or less the same line items of income, you know, of revenue. I teach it for an entire term, and my students come back and they bring me, you know, quarterly or annual, right?

I would go and I would open the last feasibility study that I made and I'd start to try to change it and tweak it for, for this new clients business. And I would waste, you know, several days on that before I would scrap the whole thing, open up a clean, blank Excel file, and just start putting in, this is their revenue, these are their expenses. I can't stress, how, how helpful this piece of advice is and how much time has actually saved me since I finally learned to do that.

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