فصل Essentials of Entrepreneurship- Thinking & Action ، بخش 1 : Introduction

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Why would you have a different view of the future in respect to the business or the idea or the project or the product that, that you're currently working around with in your head? So rather than cut it up and make it cute and funny, I'm just gonna say, corporate entrepreneurship. The number one goal of that venture is not necessarily to make money, but to achieve something in society.

In fact, on my iPhone now, I have access to satellite info, and that actually reduces my uncertainty, Right? But if I had had more knowledge of what was going on, like the weatherman might, like the weather department might, they may have said no this is going to be blocked by this mountain range, or we've got some air coming down from here. Sometimes very early on in the personal evaluation stage we might sit down at a computer, open up Excel, throw in some numbers, start playing around.

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