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فصل Essentials of Entrepreneurship- Thinking & Action ، بخش 3 : Skills and Strategies

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Now how do you take all the many different skills an entrepreneur needs, and all the hundreds of tools that we use, and boil this down into one small overview session? So I boiled those down into basically five topics that we're gonna cover in this module. Leadership and management, marketing, human resources, operations and processes, and then metrics and dashboards.

Or, simply pull up other market research studies that, that are published online, and that you can read, and you can get information from. Okay, here we go, we, we're gonna choose a target of, in fact, that's when people do a lot. And, there's a standard way to cut it, and then people get fancy, and do all sorts of weird stuff.

Not having these can be the kiss of death to an entrepreneur, especially if they're struck with a family emergency or an illness, and because they have no formal operations and processes written and recorded, nobody else can go in and do what needs to be done. So this brings us to the final tool that I wanna talk about today, and it's basically the Entrepreneur's Dashboard. You have all sorts of different things on that dashboard, and what you really have there, is you have what the automobile company that made your car has decided is the important stuff that you need to know.

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