Starting a Business

فصل Essentials of Entrepreneurship- Thinking & Action ، بخش 4 : Starting a Business

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So, if money is a, is a concern early on, which usually it is, you might want to choose a form of incorporation that, that you think you might wanna change as you go down the road. In fact, I think it was Bob Hope who said, a bank is an institution that will give you money as long you can prove you don't need it, right? So, simplify your life with banking, unfortunately, in my experience not just in America but in other countries, they're not gonna be ultra loyal to you.

And, if that's where you plan on going, If, if, if you are trying to, to grow a big business, you're gonna be working in the multi-millions of dollars. Although, ten years down the line, or on the day that you decide to to go public, maybe you want to incorporate in Delaware, because you'll get some favorable conditions. And, a lot of times if you hold your ground on that, they just kinda, they'll, they'll, they'll wave that, they'll always do the, I have to call my manger thing, and you'll get out of that.

And I would come to America on business trips, I made the, the Mac shop, my office, and I would just go into the, the Apple store. So take advantage of what's out there that's free, as long as it's not going to pose a problem for you in the future, when it comes time to change over. So make sure that you pay attention to both the, the physical side of your business and the digital, mobile, the social, the online aspect of, of your new venture.

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