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Welcome back to Career Readiness sponsored by UCI Extension Programs. Now market valuation really only works with a publicly traded firm or security. We can do it quickly, we can do it easily and it's very useful because if we do market cap and we can do it in a matter of seconds, we can then use another valuation technique and see, based on the other valuation technique, if market cap is over valuing or under valuing the firm.

These are four companies in the same sector, the same industry, and we've pulled their numbers and we're basically just gonna look at them. But that's basically the range, and if a fair price is paid for this company, based on multiples, it will be purchased for somewhere between $405 and $465 million. In the next section, we're gonna talk about the final method, which is the discounted cash flows.

And in this section we're gonna look at the third and final way of valuating company, which is discounted cash flows called DCF. At the same time, we've even got a check and balance in here, because we can use the free cash flows to calculate something called IRR, internal rate of return. And you can get out of this problem if you really wanna take an advanced math class and learn the equations in calculating IRR, you can get around this.

Hopefully the exercises that you've been doing have helped you understand and integrate a bit of this learning but as you can see, there's really, there's a lot more to learn on this topic and it's important for us to know this because this affects everybody in business and everybody really with a life and we, even outside of business we buy homes, we buy cars, we invest in our retirement,. I hope that just by taking this course that that you're gonna be able to attend business meetings with a little bit more confidence and and, and not shy away when, when the accountants speak up or the finance professionals speak up and hopefully, you can even ask some pertinent questions and you can maybe clarify some things that other people in the room might have questions with because people tend to kinda get quiet and clam down when the accountant starts to talk. So hopefully, you can bring a little bit more life to the conversation and get more involved and get other people more involved, and this will help propel you to the next level of your career and the next level of your life.

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