فصل Fundamentals of Management ، بخش 3 : Planning

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So we have an Operational Plan that is moved down in the organization, generally to first level managers, focusing on specific parts of the organization, the supply chain, marketing customer service, manufacturing, narrowly focused specific parts. And you put all this research together, and you spend all your allocated money, and you buy the stocks, and you're going to let it sit in and invest and grow, and make you a Billionaire. We need collaboration form our partners, our stakeholders, maybe our investors in order to make this work, we have to then execute the plan.

Stephen Covey in his bestselling book says should have a formal process to rewrite them every 90 days. So whether it be corporate, whether it be personal, goal setting can be aided by this technique called S.M.A.R.T. Specific, measurable, achievable, resources, constraints, and actions, relevant, and timely.

Identify options that make sure they aligned with the goals, and fit with that market or environmental research. Leadership, shortsightedness, not having the right people involved, and excluding key resources from the plan. Group decision making is good, bad, it has advantages, and it has disadvantages.

This website says there are some 900 individuals, tips and techniques and tools that are available to you mostly free. Nine, excuse me, 12 file cabinets full of folders with techniques and tools to help you. And lastly looking at a valuable website that can be a tremendous resource to you and your journey.

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