Skills for Today's Manager

فصل Fundamentals of Management ، بخش 2 : Skills for Today's Manager

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So first off, I would like to share with you a survey that was, that was published in a book called The 21st Century Supervisor by Brad Humphrey and Jeff Stokes. Coaching skills, the ability to grow people, develop them for future assignments. Project management skills, the ability to keep track of what your work, what your is, deliver it, and on, get it there on time.

In fact, the entire body of knowledge, management, is really divided into five functional areas, planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. We have to create a specific project plan in order to accomplish and get to the fact that we want to open a restaurant. So, we have to mutually achieve our goal, the type of restaurant that we envisioned in our plan, and have customer satisfaction.

Going back to the quote, with these changes, tremendous responsibilities will be shifted to the workers and their peers for planning, and scheduling, and organizing, and directing, and controlling their own work processes. And in the 2008 letter to the shareholders of General Electric, Jack Welch said, during 2008, we're going to spend considerable resources to make sure that all six of our global business units, finance and trains and engines, are going to be aligned with the new model. And the big three automakers in the United States, General Motors, and Chrysler, and Ford, said, you know what, the economy is so bad, we need money to reorganize our entire business in order to compete.

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