What is Negotiation?

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Hello and welcome to the Art of Negotiation, which is part of the Business Communications for Career Readiness specialization, and made available on Coursera by the University of California Irvine Extension. Long ago when I first began my career, I found it challenging, anxiety producing, and even sometimes frightening to be responsible for a business negotiation. Over time, however, I've learned to enjoy the relationship building aspects of negotiation, and the fantastic feeling of creating an agreement that is mutually beneficial and may be even better than either party anticipated at the outset.

Nierenberg's statement must further developed by Israel Unterman who said, negotiation is conducted neither to widen nor breach the relationship, but to form a new or different configuration. To summarize, a successful negotiation can be described as a mutually beneficial agreement reached through a collaborative effort to maximize and potentially enhance the benefits to both parties. Our approach to negotiation throughout this course is one of seeking to develop multiple possible solutions, increase the total value of the agreement for both parties, and to work in partnership with the counterpart to achieve mutual gain and benefit.

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