Implementing Decisions

فصل Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making ، بخش 4 : Implementing Decisions

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And gosh, we did some data gathering there we didn't really need to do but we thought we did, and I guess it's nice to have that but we really need to move forward with some other things. We keep going back and forth between our expert knowledge and the data that we have to finally give us good information that will help us move forward in the project. This third down here now, now this is what happens as they put the, the the total amount of the transaction, how much time were people spending at the window.

Now we have a personnel policy that gets put in place that everybody has to live by for the next 85 years in the organization because one person did something weird one time. We went down the little stairs down to the factory floor, and went up to the first person sitting at the sewing machine and said, hey I understand your clothes fall apart. So again, looking at a single chart where we just plot some data along the way here, we find a special cause of a problem instead of trying to change everything.

The Pioneers kinda hold back a little bit, and look to make sure that the Explorers have not been killed off by this change. Major changes that we talk about could include things like we're gonna have an existing process that we do. Oh, the deadline has been moved up, and we have to get this thing do, done sixth months sooner, and still do the same project, same quality level.

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