Introduction to Problem Solving

فصل Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making ، بخش 1 : Introduction to Problem Solving

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We're going to, in this class talk about some of the tools, techniques, methods, processes that can help with problem solving and decision making. This is a logical choice from available options so this is a little biased because it's from a business dictionary and it implies that we're going to make good decisions. Legal considerations, there was a, famous series on recently called Breaking Bad, one teacher decided that they wanted to make more money.

If we're talking about peace in the Middle East, the original cause for some of the conflict, really irrelevant and it's a little muddy about what it really was all about. One of them means that we move to the Northeast Coast of the United States. One of them means that we move to the South Central part of the United States.

So it's a person issue, so these categories start to divide out causes for our problem into different areas. And somehow manages to think about all the different aspects kind of all at the same time in her head and comes up with a solution to the problem. This comes from a book from Von Oech, which you might wanna take a look at some time.

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