Foundational Project Management Elements

فصل Project Management- The Basics for Success ، بخش 1 : Foundational Project Management Elements

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My main focus now is teaching classes in project management. I just finished a big project up in San Francisco for an organization. For-profit, not for profit, government manufacturing, research and development scientific research like I said non profit organizations the health care industry, a number of different kinds of projects.

A project is a temporary, one-time undertaking that has a definable goal, has interrelated dependencies, and ac, activities and tasks, is finite in duration. You're not gonna get the biggest project anybody could think of at the highest quality level in the industry next Tuesday afternoon for $250. And they have in their new publication, called the Project Management Body of Knowledge, in their latest edition they've said that instead of scope, quality, cost, and time we're going to add two more, risk and resources.

Quite often, people talk about he product scope not really realizing there's a whole lot of work that has to happen to make those things actually come to fruition. What you have to do as far as the subject matter expertise, is have a knowledge base that allows you to understand the language that the people around this project team table are going to be using. This course is going to highlight some of the key processes, tools, terms, methods techniques, tips and tricks, here, there about this project management skill base.

Customer is the only person or group out of the entire bunch of Stakeholders that we're actually going to hand the project over to. They have two students that just go hang up different numbers as the scores change up there and now all of a sudden we're gonna have a nice, fancy new electronic scoreboard that does instant replays. This has to be discussed, decided, there's a lot of decisions to be made here, and these kinds of information just need to be documented.

One thing that some universities do, one some towns do, say well, you know, why don't you go ahead and we'll just allow you to park cars in your yard on game days, so people can make a little bit of extra spending cash on game days. Everyone within a certain radius of the stadium, we'll give you two complimentary tickets for every single game. You forget some of your key stakeholders along the way in the middle of a project, all of the sudden they surprise and you've got some problems on your hand.

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