Planning and Scheduling

فصل Project Management- The Basics for Success ، بخش 3 : Planning and Scheduling

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Welcome back now for session three of Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices, University of California Irvine, and again, I'm Rob Stone. We have a company that's located in Dongara, and we have a potential customer that calls up and says hey, we need some parts and supplies delivered to Darwin. And when DuPont came up with Activity on Arrow diagrams, they also realized, hey there's a thing in there we could call it Critical Path.

We're kinda slow these days, we hit the snooze alarm a couple of times, we don't just jump up right out of bed like we used to. This is a pretty good way now to take a look at the project during executing and how things are moving along. Fast tracking the project means we're going to do things simultaneously, concurrently, in parallel, that we thought we had to do in sequence before.

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