فصل Project Management- The Basics for Success ، بخش 2 : The WBS

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Well folks, welcome back for session two of Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices from the University of California Irvine. This trigger piece is a way that helps us figure how we're going to put a risk management plan into our project. If there's no way to really predict when the elephants are gonna come charging out of the forest and run over toward our crops here, we might just have to build an elephant-proof fence around this thing.

Each ascending level represents an increasingly detailed definition of project work. By the time you're done with this thing, you'll have a way to define your human resource costs, and it provides assignments for people. In the early development of WBS, started to look like this, and in this slide you'll notice that the top level is called Program.

Here are all the deliverables for examining the current state of mental health in Southwest Virginia and coming up with a budgetary analysis of how money should be spent for those two areas. If they build major production facilities, you're gonna very rarely see anything on their, on their WBS that's less than an 80 hour task. They're gonna give us those numbers or we can look at past history of similar projects we've had in the organization, look at some hard data.

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