Little Tips That Make a Big Impact

فصل Work Smarter, Not Harder- Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity ، بخش 3 : Little Tips That Make a Big Impact

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For example, correctly estimating how long it's gonna take for you to complete your work. You can compare the work that's similar in nature, and then update your estimate based on the differences. Now you can change your estimate based on the fact that you're performing these steps, but with one month of data.

And these mistakes resulted in her overbooking herself and annoying her family, by committing to work or church activities when she was supposed to be with them. But what it really means is that if you are not a morning person, you should consider arranging your work so that you can perform your simpler, more routine tasks during this time. You might even occasionally have someone act as a reviewer, especially if you're called upon to complete something critical during the time of day that is difficult for you.

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