Smart Work Habits Just Don't Happen

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But if you do the work in this course, you're gonna find approaches that can support your personal and professional productivity. And when he encountered the request from his coworker about the sales reports, Sam would already have taken care of his most important work for the afternoon. In your sample work plan you might have something like priority, the item, a description of what it is you're doing, a due date, the name of who it's for, the steps that have to be taken, an estimate of how long, and when you're going to get it started.

Remember, it also helps to take big tasks and break them into smaller steps. Well, depending on the type of work you do, sometimes your priorities are gonna come to you from your leadership or from a customer you support. Now, before we move to the next module, why don't you consider taking a shot at creating your own plan that covers at least the next five business days.

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