Time Is the Most Limited Resource

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I'm gonna share with you the secret formula to work-life balance, so listen carefully. And then to manage your work and your life in a way so that most of the time you achieve your work-life balance and know it's gonna change, and know that, that is okay. And he wound up staying late on a Friday evening because he didn't pay attention to doing his work at the right time, in the right order.

Perhaps, you have something like where you have a table and you can put in things in it like commuting, telephone calls, drop in visitors, meetings, paperwork, reading, spending time with the boss, assisting team members, traveling, planning, delegating, relaxation. And the idea is to start with how many hours you're going to give to work and then look at how much time it takes for you to perform your basic job functions. So now we wanna take a look at your time that you have available after your work week, your sleeping, your eating, your shopping, your commuting, your chores.

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