Culture Matters

فصل نوشتن ای میل انگلیسی ، بخش 5 : Culture Matters

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1) Review cultural effects on all your email writing. 2) Learn how to distinguish different ways people communicate and how to apply these differences to email writing.

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For the USA, I was considering choosing this itinerary, Brazil to Miami to Orlando to Jacksonville to Savannah to Washington D.C. to New York City. New York City to Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans to Los Angeles, and Texas, San Francisco, Miami, and then finally Brazil. And the direct questions and observations are not necessarily meant to offend, but to clarify and advance shared goals.

Dear Mr. George Smith, I hereby would like to make the next event within the framework of the lecture series Introduction to Business Marketing. Because every culture is different, the best way to approach age considerations is to be respectful and polite whether the person you are writing is older or younger. To recap, we've considered age and gender as some other possible factors which might interrupt understanding with an email communication in this lesson.

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