I Tried To Leave You

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I Tried To Leave You

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“I Tried To Leave You” playing

I tried to leave you

crowd cheering

man Stay forever.

I won’t deny

I closed the book on us

At least a hundred times

Ah, but I’d wake up Each and every morning

Right there, by your side

The years go by

You lose your pride

Your little baby’s crying

So you do not go outside

And all your work It’s right here

Right before your eyes

Leonardo Bob Metzger on the electric guitar.

crowd cheering

Dino Soldo on the saxophone.

crowd cheering

Leonard Neil Larsen on the Hammond B-3.

crowd cheering

I tried to leave you

I will not deny

I closed the book on us

At least one hundred times

Still I wake up Still I wake up every morning

By your side…

Leonard Sharon Robinson.

crowd cheering

Leonard Javier Mas on the archilaud.

crowd cheering

both humming

audience cheering


Tried to leave you

Leonard Hattie and Charley Webb,

the sublime Webb Sisters.

crowd cheering

Leonard Our musical director on the base, Roscoe Beck.

crowd cheering

crowd cheers

Rafael Bernardo Gayol on the drums.

Goodnight, my darling

I hope you are satisfied

crowd shouting

The bed is kinda narrow

But my arms are open wide

Yes, in here’s a man

He’s still workin’

For your smile

crowd cheering

crowd cheering

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