دوره Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) ، فصل 4 : Chapter Two- Variables and Expressions

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In this chapter we cover how a program uses the computers memory to store, retrieve and calculate information.

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It is bad to start with a pound sign, although that turns into a comment, and you can't use characters other than letters and numbers in the variable. So I go back and forth to emphasize to you that the name of the variable as long it's consistent within a program doesn't matter, and Python is perfectly happy. And start at the top, run this line and that says find a little piece of memory and label it that thing and stick 35 in it.

These things called Teletypes came from the end of World War II, and they had a certain set of characters. And we were going kind of from a mathematical character set, where multiplication is a big cross or a dot in the middle and exponentiation is raising a little tiny number above it. So if I was writing this line of code, and I want it to be friendly to you so that you could read it more easily, I would simply put the parentheses in for you.

They gather some input, maybe from a file or from a web service, they do some work to it, and then they produce something. The string ends up being input in the variable inp, and then it continues to the next line. usf, mnemonic variable name, United States floor.

I really rather you didn't do that, unless of course you're doing this on an iPad, or an Android, or something where you can't install Python, but you have to realize that the autograder isn't forever. And you'll see me, no matter how many times you watch me, you'll see that the first thing that I do, is get to the point where I know I'm in the right directory, and I can run a little hello program, before I start coding. When you're doing this, you need to be very careful to, and so now I'm going to calculate xp times, which is xh * xr, and I'll say print Pay.

And when I went to Stanford Business School for my MBA, I realized today with technology, actually laptops and high-speed Internet, everywhere, many students end up sitting by themselves in their dorm rooms. I knew how to use GDB, and so I picked up a book on Rails, and learnt it all and built a site in ten days, and launched it to one class that fall of 2009. I truly believe in creating value first, not getting caught up in numbers, In fact, February of 2010 it turned out that the founder of TechCrunch was seated next to me on a plane, and when he did ask me, you know, I'd love to write an article about you, my first kind of knee-jerk reaction was no, because I knew that would bring lots of people to want to use Piazza.

This is, so that's Sue, our intrepid lead TA that's helped so much over the years of Internet history and Python for infomatics. And we have by far the largest group of students that we've ever had at office hours. So that is the world's record for office hours that we've ever had so far.

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