دوره How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Project-Centered Course) ، فصل 3 : Writing the paper- things you need to know

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In this part of the MOOC, you will learn how to write your paper. In a first part, we will focus on the structure of the paper, and then you will be able to see how to use bibliographical tools such as zotero. Finally you will be required to write your own abstract and to do a peer review for the abstract of the others, as in real academic life!

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It should be simple, clear, short, displaying all the key concepts and straight to the point and powerful. If you have an empirical paper, you might then have a methodology section, where you basically explain your research design, whether you're in chemistry, management, sociology, anything. When you submit a paper, some journals want you to list all the tables, figures, and graphs after the text, or even in a separate file.

Do you explain why there is a real gap in the literature, but also why your research question is an interesting one, a relevant one, an important one? The literature review is a delicate exercise finding the right balance between extremes, for getting references, or being too exhaustive. On the last sections, one of the our tips is to show in what your findings are original or surprising or what is unexpected and counter-intuitive about them, and how they bring new light to the literature.

The first one is the more important, because it's a style of quoting, which define the formats you will export your references. Then you can select bibliography and the copy option and OK. You can go in the article with your text and then go to the references section. We can see the full references we just aggregated in alphabetical order, which follow the rules of the Chicago Journal.

The title, the abstract, the introduction, the literature review, the methodology, the results, the discussion, and the conclusion. Depending on the journal you send your article to, the abstract length can vary a lot. And here again, I advise you to look carefully at the abstract of journals you want to publish in to imitate the style and understand the constriction.

Before concluding this class, we would like to present you the online features of Zotero. As already taught in the previous video, we strongly advise you to create an online account. You may want to share your literature review with your advisor, or you are currently working with colleagues on a common project.

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