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Welcome back one final time and congratulations you’ve officially completed your course on academic


And I hope that you’ve already seen a great improvement in your writing.

As we’ve worked through the writing process organizing your ideas developing your writing style your

punctuation crash course through the common cause writing assignments and with the basics of pre-professional


Before I let you go I want to remind you again of course extras I talked about at the very introductory

lecture and as I do so I want to thank those of you who have already taken advantage of these extras

and I hope that many more of you will remember they continue to be open for any questions that you might

have including unlimited use of your preparatory writing so future outlines thesis statements and so


Remember as a student in this course you are entitled to an office hour so you and I will have a one

on one writing consultation.

You are also entitled to an individual paper review.

Well I will give you a detailed review of one of your papers and my suggestion.

Again not that you have to do this for my suggestion again is that it would probably be most beneficial

to you to submit your paper for review and then will hold an office hour together.

Finally I remain open to future writing consultations and reviews and I will do that at a reduced rate

of 2 cents per word.

No limit of words or do any type of writing actually.

Not just academic writing but I’m happy to review your professional writing grants proposals websites

blogs even short stories novels and so on.

So any writing project that you would like a review of.

I’m more than happy to offer you the rate of two cents per word and for future writing consultations

again of any form of writing.

As one of my students in this course you have the ongoing offer of $35 per hour for any future writing

consultations at any time.

And if you have any questions about these offers please do not hesitate to contact me and once and for

all thank you all so very much.

It’s been a great pleasure conveying these strategies and tips and tools of writing successfully at

the college level and it’s been a particular pleasure to correspond with you about your own writing.

So I wish you all happy writing.

I hope you’ll keep in touch as you continue to develop as a writer.

All the best.

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