Introduction to Research

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This is the last course in the Academic English- Writing specialization. In this course, you will learn all of the steps to writing a research paper. You will learn how to choose topics, where to do your research, and how to plan the research paper. You will also master your understanding of using sources and avoiding plagiarism.

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In this module, we'll talk about research assignments that you might get in college classes and what you need to do when you receive such an assignment. We'll practice choosing topics and coming up with effective search terms to make your research easier. Then you'll also learn about finding academic sources and evaluating them

You can see that these students will be required to write 10 to 11 pages and they're using MLA format so it'll be double space in 12 point font. It's always important to pay attention to the dates that you have something due, so that you don't loose points on the assignment. And notice down here, the teacher tells you there are still many other topics you can choose from, and even gives the students some resources to help them think.

The people who write these sources know a lot about their subject matter and have studied it for years, and they publish in academic journals that are well respected. You don't want to accidentally use a source that was written by maybe a teenager who was just playing a joke and pretended to write something that was professional. And the student came up with this research question, is U.S. Customs using effective techniques to prevent drug trafficking in airports?

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