GRE- About the Test

دوره راهنمای مطالعه و تمرین- تست GRE ، فصل 1 : GRE- About the Test

درباره‌ی این فصل:

Use this chapter to familiarize yourself with the scoring, structure, and objectives of the GRE exam. Quick, entertaining videos explain how to prepare for the assessment and what to expect on test day. Make sure to ask our instructors if you'd like any advice regarding the GRE.

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Why do you need to take the GRE for graduate or business school, and what kinds of subjects does it test? Watch this lesson for an overview of the basics.

Get comfortable with the structure of the GRE and you'll have a big leg up on the test. This lesson will give you all the basics, including an overview of the sections and question types.

Standardized testing is all about the numbers, and your score is the most important number of all. In this lesson, you'll learn all about scoring on the GRE.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to register for the GRE. You'll also get some tips on preparing for the test to make sure you do your best on the big day.

Don't let poor preparation on test day undo all the work you did to get ready for the test. In this lesson, you'll learn some strategies for the big day from a master of time management.

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