GRE Quantitative Reasoning- Sequences and Series

دوره راهنمای مطالعه و تمرین- تست GRE ، فصل 16 : GRE Quantitative Reasoning- Sequences and Series

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Learn about sequences and series to help prepare you for math questions you may run into on the GRE. Watch engaging and fun video lessons on need to know concepts and test yourself with quizzes and a chapter exam.

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Math is often the most fun when it acts like a puzzle to be solved. The branch of math where this is the most true involves sequences. Get an introduction to the basics and important vocabulary, as well as learn where sequences appear in nature!

Arithmetic sequences are everywhere, and with a few tricks you learn here, you could end up looking like a psychic the next time you go to a movie or a football game!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to sum up any arithmetic sequence without having to add up each and every term. You'll never guess the circumstances that led to the discovery of this marvelous formula.

Want your YouTube video to get a lot of hits? Besides including a cute baby or an adorable cat, getting your video to have a big common ratio is the key. Learn what I'm talking about here!

Logic has its own unique language and way of defining what is true and false. Watch this video lesson to learn how you can critically think in the language of logic while working with math.

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