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OK as we move on with our section on developing your writing style we move from a parallel structure

to sentence structure.

The first idea of today’s lecture is the need to vary your sentence structure.

So for always writing and the same structural sentences it’s very likely that your reader will become

very disinterested.

So we need to vary or sentence structure through simple sentences compound sentences complex sentences

and compound complex sentences and we’ll talk about each of these today.

The first is the simple sentence.

We all know what a simple sentences but as a review a simple sentence is an independent clause.

So a phrase that can stand alone as a complete a complete sentence it means it only has one subject

verb combination.

So let’s look at some examples.

Superman flies very fast.

Batman and Superman are both superheroes and Batman punches harder than Superman.

I know so you might want to arger argue the opposite.

However these are just examples of simple sentences.

The next is the compound sentence.

The compound sentences were two or more independent clauses are joined together they’re often joined

via a semi colon a colon or a conjunction.

So last time we talked about coordinating conjunctions or corelate of conjunctions we use those conjunctions

to build compound sentences.

So let’s look at some examples again Superman’s nickname is The Man of Steel.

I think he is as tough as Titanium the Superman versus Batman celebrity showdown will be televised on


Batman better bring some Kryptonite.

So again these are just two examples of compound sentences where two independent clauses are joined

together either through a punctuation semi colon colon or conjunction the next is the complex sentence

a complex sentence is an independent clause that also has one or more dependent clauses.

So if we remember from our English classes a dependent clause is such a clause it is not a complete

sentence on its own.

In other words it does not have a verb noun combination.

So here are some examples again.

Following are Marvel Comics theme.

Even if Batman brings Kryptonite he will never win.

So even if Batman brings Kryptonite is the dependent clause and then the independent clause is he will

never win.

So it’s a complex sentence because there’s a dependent and independent combined together.

The next example Batman will never win even if he brings kryptonite.

So we’ve just simply switched it around.

We’ve put the independent clause first and the dependent clause second.

OK very basic.

Finally we have the compound complex sentence that is when two or more independent clauses one or more

dependent clauses and two or more Subject Verb combinations are all within one sentence.

The example is when the celebrity showdown comes to an end.

We will finally know whether Batman or Superman is the strongest and the weaker one will forever let

down his fans.

So here we have multiple independent clauses.

We have a dependent clause.

Very first one when the celebrity showdown comes to an end is the dependent clause and we have multiple

subject verb combinations.

Some reviewing these types of sentences with you simply to illustrate that you need to vary your sentence

structure and in order to keep your reader interested.

In order to persuasively present your ideas we cannot only have simple sentences and on the other side

we can’t only have compound complex sentences compound complex sentences one after the other after the

other will quickly lose your reader in your ideas on the other hand simple sentences one after the other

after the other will oversimplify your ideas and not show the connections that more.

The other sentence structures may be able to provide.

So along with parallel structure the next strategy of developing your writing style is to vary your

sentence structure between these multiple sentence types.

OK and again as always.

Please send me any questions you might have about how to effectively vary your sentence structure.

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