Cover Letters and Follow-Up Letters

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Cover Letters and Follow-Up Letters

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All right.

So you’ve put together a very professional looking resume that highlights your unique qualifications

and personality that make you the perfect fit for your dream job.

Now there’s one more step before submitting that resume and that is to write your cover letter.

Today we’re going to talk about cover letters and follow up letters and the purpose of these letters

is to help you be invited for a job interview.

So before composing your cover letter make sure to research the company and the specific job you’re

applying for.

Familiarize yourself with the recommended qualifications and job requirements and make sure to balance

your qualifications with your own willingness and ability to learn from your new employer and job.

In other words no one wants to hire someone who lacks the humility of learning and adapting to a new

job environment.

OK so although we were wanting to highlight our qualifications in our cover letter we also need to highlight

our willingness to learn and to adapt.

This is also a time to let your personality shine.

So no one else’s personality especially some boring cover letter template that you downloaded from the

Internet take the place of your unique personality to do this.

Avoid using general statements and cliches that the Internet and downloaded templates usually promote

at the same time however never flatter yourself or your potential employer.

Ok so don’t puff yourself up and exaggerate and don’t praise your potential employer so much that it

turns into flattery.

No one wants that finally revise your letter until it is absolutely free.

So let’s talk about what to include in a cover letter.

The first is opening paragraph where you need to address why you’re writing what position you’re applying

for how you heard about the about the opening.

And if someone in good standing with the company suggested that you apply it’s a good time to mention

that person’s name then you move on to the middle paragraph or paragraphs here you address why you are

interested in working for the employer and this type of work.

And you pointed out particular achievements that you will expound upon in your in your resume.

So is not the time to repeat everything that your resume is going to state.

It’s a time to highlight the specific achievements the specific skills and your resume is there to provide

more detail and then we move on to the closing paragraph where you provide your phone number state that

you are available to meet at their convenience so your potential employers convenience and directly

ask in a kind way for an interview.

So sort of the actual format you should follow the standard cover letter format here I’ve laid out the

kind of the personal information section of the cover letter at the top of your cover letter.

I won’t go through that though.

Instead I’ll just provide you with an example cover letter like the example resumes I’ve given you I’m

not going to walk you through this.

You can read this and come back to this and read this.

I just want you to see the format.

So we have your personal information at the very top.

The date your potential employers information and then you get into the letter.

You have the first paragraph addressing why you’re writing what position how you heard from it and mentioning

anyone’s name who suggested you apply only if they’re in good standing with the company of course move

into the body paragraph or paragraphs where we highlight only those specific achievements or skills

that are pertinent to the to the specific job we give our phone number or contact information state

or availability at their convenience.

And then ask for an interview.

And because you did all of this so well you’ve submitted your resume with a stellar cover letter you

receive an interview.

You go to the interview.

Have a great discussion.

Things look promising.

You’re not done yet.

You need to write a follow up letter and this is what to include.

So the template is the same as before saying it was a cover letter but you include a few different things.

First in the opening paragraph you think the potential employer for the interview expressing the appreciation

for the consideration that the is giving you.

You remind the employer about the position you interviewed for as well as the date and place of the


In the middle paragraph you restate your interest in the position and company.

And if you’ve done anything since the interview for example you’ve researched the company or spoken

with other employees and so on.

It’s a good time to mention it here in the in the middle paragraph and then you express your willingness

to provide any additional information that the employer might need.

Finally in the closing paragraph you suggest further action such as your availability to meet again

that victim employer’s convenience and then you send it off and hope that with this follow up letter

you’ll hear back soon with an exciting offer.

Like always send on any cover letters to me that you’d like to have a look at.

I’ll give you a brief look and some feedback and wish you the best.

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