A Note on Coding in TensorFlow

دوره: یادگیری عمیق با TensorFlow / فصل: TensorFlow - An introduction / درس 3

A Note on Coding in TensorFlow

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OK this is our actual tensor flow intro.

Once again tensor flow is a deep learning library developed by Google.

It allows us to construct fairly complicated models with little coding to give you a perspective.

Our practical example required 20 lines of code with tensor flow.

It will still be 20 lines of code no difference whatsoever.

However the last exercise we will see in this course would require a few hundred lines of code using

num pi with tensor flow still around 20.

Moreover most of those would be almost the same as the ones at our minimal example tensor flow is an

amazing framework and you will be convinced in that by the end of the course.

The only issue is that it is yet another library to learn.

Once you start working with it it’s going to be super easy but you must make an extra effort to understand

it properly.

Well let’s start coding and we’ll grasp the rest of the intuition on the go.

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