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Hailey shares next steps. What is your temperature now? Join our private Facebook Group.

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Folks thanks so much for joining me for the bonus lecture and I really acknowledge you for getting to the end of the course and still going one step further. That tells me that you’re someone who is ready to bring more resiliency and experience more happiness in your life. And I’m excited to work together to do that. So what should you do now. Hopefully you’re feeling better than you are feeling at the beginning of this course. So you want to ask yourself that question again. How would you rate happiness in you. Out of 10. And if you thought about your whole life how would you look at that from one to 10. See if your temperature changed. See if your number changed. I’ll bet it’s gone up a bit now. The next thing that you want to do is join our Facebook community. That’s exclusive just for graduates of this course and our subsequent courses in our Facebook community. There’s going to be great resources that you can plug into and access things like the quote club. This is where every Sunday I deliver Words to live by a positive approach and ways that you can act on that in your life to make it a better start the week a better week and better outcomes. You can also visit me on my web site which is triple W. dot the lifted lid dot com. My business name is the lifted lived life I’m kept on the Web site. If you’ve missed any of those weekly doses you can check them out under the blog tab and have inspiration always. And I’d like to leave you with one of those quotes rather than grumble about the fact that roses have thorns. Why not marvel at the fact that thorns have roses everything is up for perspective perception. It’s how we look at things. It affects how we feel about what we tell ourselves how we think it ends up shaping our future. And so you my friend my student and my graduate you are powerful. Mind your mind what you think about comes about. And it was phenomenal going on this course journey with you. Please take a look below for the PTF that will show you how you can access our Facebook community stayed plugged in and keep in touch.

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