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دوره: IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic / فصل: Introduction / درس 1

Welcome Aboard!

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Hey everyone welcome to this writing task one course in this course.

We’re going to be sailing in our master’s ship and taking a journey to learn all the things you need

to know to get a great score on your child’s exam so let’s begin with our map over here.

There is our ship and on the other side is the flag where we’re trying to get to.

And here’s the journey that we’re going to be taking.

We’re going to learn many things in this course.

But just to give you a brief overview.

Here are some of the things that we’re going to be learning will look at the different types of questions

that you will see in the writing task one essay will then look at how you can get a high score the things

that you need to be doing will then see how you can meet all the task requirement how to use cohesive

devices effectively so that your writing sounds natural and flow and will then see how to use grammar


We’re going to go over a lot of different grammar concepts such as compound sentences complex sentences

relative clauses conjunctions and much more will then see how to use vocabulary in an effective way

so that your essay can really stand out.

Next we’re going to move into the strategy of constructing the essay itself.

I’ll show you how to write the introductions how to write the overview for your essay and how to write

the specific details so that you can highlight the main information for writing your essay.

After that I’m actually going to show you real exam questions.

I will be doing them in front of you in a real exam situation with a timer so that you can see how to

write a good essay in the given time.

Next I’m going to provide you with a full breakdown of my answer so that you can see how all different

parts of the essay work together.

Lastly I’m going to leave you with some final tips for your success here’s a little bit about myself.

That’s me right there and my name is Shay.

In this course I’m going to be your child’s instructor and also the captain of our ship.

That’s my hat right there.

So far I’ve had over eight years of Iolaus teaching experience.

I’m also a certified Salta English instructor at my university.

I did my degree in communication and language and so far I’ve taught in 11 countries around the world.

I’ve helped many students to score a band 7 or above.

And I hope to be able to do the same for you if you’d like.

You can read our testimonials at the given link and if at any point you have any questions feel free

to contact me at isles art master ship Darko.

So now let’s talk about what is the isles.

Well it’s a test of your English proficiency and what it stands for is International English Language

Testing System.

There are two main types of files.

There’s the academic I hold this type of files is mainly used by colleges and universities for students

who want to study abroad in an English speaking country General Isles.

On the other hand is mainly used by employers for people who want to work abroad.

I suggest that you contact your university or your employer to make sure that you’re taking the correct

Isles so who makes the aisles.

Actually it’s jointly owned by three separate agencies that are listed here as you can see Cambridge

English is one of the agencies that are actually creating the aisles exam.

And for this reason I highly suggest that you get the Cambridge English books.

This over here is an image of what the Cambridge English books look like.

The exam papers in these books are very authentic and look just like the real exam.

Also since Iles is a paper based test I recommend that you practice doing the exam on paper.

How can you take the aisles.

Well first you have to register.

You can do so by using the provided link.

Next you have to select which date you want to take the test in.

Testing dates are available each month so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a date that works for


Keep in mind however that in some testing centers you may need to register two weeks ahead of time next.

Select the date the time and the location for your test.

Fill out the application and pay the fee at the moment.

It costs about 200 U.S. dollars.

Once you’ve done that provide them with a copy of your passport and that should complete your application

let us now go over the exam overview.

Firstly the isles takes about two hours and 45 minutes to finish and it has four parts reading listening

writing and speaking.

Each part has equal scoring.

The exam is divided into two major sections.

The first section is the paper exam.

This includes three sections the listening reading and writing and all three of these sections must

be finished in one single session.

The other part is the speaking exam the speaking test can be scheduled separately.

So if you don’t want to you don’t have to take it on the same day.

You can schedule it on some other day.

Lastly keep in mind that this is an English test.

Some of my students feel that they may not perform as well on the test because they don’t have any prior

knowledge about other subjects.

But actually you don’t need any specialized background knowledge on any other subject other than English.

There are no breaks in between the tests so you won’t have any bathroom breaks or lunch breaks.

So it’s important that you develop your stamina at home by taking full length practice tests again.

It is a paper based exam so your handwriting and spelling are very important.

If your handwriting is unclear or illegible then you’re going to lose points for that.

On the other hand if you spell words wrong you’re also going to lose points for that.

Let us now break down the different sections and the timing of the arts exam.

The first part is listening in which you have four sections and a total of 40 questions you will have

30 minutes to finish the listening part.

Next is the reading section in which you will have three reading passages with 40 questions total which

you have to finish in 60 minutes then you’re going to move to the writing section in which you will

have two tasks the writing task one and the writing task to writing task one is the focus of this course

you will have a total of 60 minutes to finish both tasks.

Lastly you have the speaking part which will last a total of about 11 to 14 minutes in length.

This brings the total test time up to two hours and 44 minutes

Let us now talk about the answer sheet.

You will have two different types of answer sheets on the left hand side.

We have the answer sheet for the reading and listening on the right hand side.

We have the answer sheet for the writing part.

So when you’re writing your answers for Task 1 and Task 2 you’re going to have a sheet like this.

And if you need extra paper then you can ask her examiners

So that concludes this video.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

In the next section I’ll give you a brief introduction to the writing task one.

I’ll see you there.

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