How This Course is Structured

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How This Course is Structured

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Welcome back to the course in this section.

I’m going to tell you how this course is structured and what to expect over the upcoming videos.

So let’s take a look essentially.

This course is split into three different parts.

I want you to think of this as cooking your favorite food.

So what do you do when you’re cooking your favorite food.

Well first you need to gather a bunch of ingredients that you’re going to cook with.

Then you need to know the recipe.

Maybe you consult a recipe book to find out how to make that dish.

And finally you put the recipe and the ingredients together to start cooking and prepare your favorite

dish so that’s how this course is structured.

The first part of this course is the ingredients section in this we’re going to look at all the different

ingredients that go into writing a great essay.

So the four ingredients that we’re going to talk about are task achievement cohesion and coherence grammatical

range and lexical resource.

You may recall from the previous section that these are actually your band descriptors.

These are the four different categories on which your writing essay is going to be scored so I’m going

to teach you all the things that you need to do to get a grade band score in each of these categories

after we’ve finished the ingredient section we’re then going to move on to the recipe section.

This is where I’m going to show you the recipe book of how to construct a great essay.

We’re going to go into this strategy of writing the task one essay so I’ll teach you exactly what you

need to do to write a great introduction an overview and then your paragraphs number three and four

in which you have to write the key details of the infographics.

Lastly when we have the ingredients in the recipe you’re now ready to start cooking your dish.

We’re going to now move into the cooking section the third and the final section of this course we’re

going to be putting everything together.

And I’m going to show you how to answer the writing task one question in a real exam situation.

I will have a timer and I will answer the question in front of you in the given time.

Next I’m going to break down my answers so that you can see how all the different parts of the essay

work together.

So that’s it for this video.

I’ll see you in the next section in which we’ll talk about what you need to do to get a great score

on the task achievement band descriptor.

I’ll see you there.

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