Getting Guidance

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Getting Guidance

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This lecture it will be all about how following this course you can go on to get guidance on your writing practice. So avenues for guided practice and response correction services. So what options do you have to get guidance on your writing practice. Well there are a number of options for those who wish to get guidance in that task one preparation or indeed in their task to preparation. You can go to language exchange sites is put down into Google. You can go to exam forums. I think Ryan aisles has a very good forum on his web. Exam preparation sites. You’ve got sites like best I saw Simon dot com and all of these sort of sites you can speak with native speakers particularly an option if you live in a in an English speaking country. Not everybody has that option but if you do have that option do try to take advantage of it and you can also seek out professional ials tutors. And that’s what we’re going to focus on here as this is my domain. For those who wish to have the best preparation possible it is my firm and genuine belief that a professional Ceuta is the way to go. But there are a number of Eilerts teachers online sites like I talk dot com café talk dot com verbal planet dot com and more. I used to recommend a psych who tested teaches dotcom but that has recently shut down. However bear in mind that there are not many sites which only offer ials lessons so exclusively ials not general English not business English not Tofel purely ials. My website. The Isles teacher dot com is a site just like this. Everything you’ve learnt about in this course has come from my experience of exclusively teaching ials to a variety of different students over the last few years. So what happens in lessons with the child’s teacher teaches that the Isles teacher are happy to prepare you for each component of the exam. Whether it’s listening reading writing or speaking. We do focus on writing and speaking primarily just because listening and reading are more passive exercises. Each teacher has a different method but every one of us has a wealth of experience both teaching and developing materials for Isle’s preparation courses. My writing lessons in particular are split into two types theory lessons and guided practice lessons the theory lessons are designed to teach you how to write viols So the sort of language we would use when talking about grass with the trend. The paragraph ordering the sentence ordering grammatically linking ideas together. Whereas the guided practice lessons give you the opportunity to put these theory lessons into practice in real time using a program called Screen hearer and screen here will allow you to write on my screen right in front of me. So it’s not like you go away. You write you bring it to lesson you’re actually doing it with me. It’s like having a tutor over your shoulder in the exam giving you guidance on how to complete your assignment how we also offer one more service as well this is called Writing corrections. So writing corrections unlike many corrections on line corrections with the Isles teacher are purely focused on aisles. They’re easy to understand and they are extremely comprehensive. Here are just a couple of the many comments and reviews that we have received from students taking writing corrections. Hi Matt I wanted to thank you for helping me improve my writing skills. I gave the test and go over all Marco 8 with 7.5 in writing. That’s more than I needed for applying for the Master’s degree. I want. So I’m super happy about it that was from my student Francisca in Chile. Thank you for the correction Matt. I’m still being surprised by the thoroughness of your work. Every time I open a newly received correction it’s hard to imagine something more useful than that. And that’s from Nicholai Nick in Russia. These taken from last year we’ve had many many Common’s come in since now something that may appeal to you here. I am offering a X an exclusive discount for you to me students. So as a thank you everybody for your attention during this course. I would like to offer each and every one of you a discount as I mentioned I’m writing corrections so that you can attempt to put all of the advice all of the tips and techniques and strategies here into practice. So if 10 percent of these writing corrections and you can choose any package they come in packages of one correction three correction or five corrections getting steadily more affordable. Please enter the code. Task 1 1 is in letters and then 10 1 0 or so Task 1. 10 If you just put that into the coupon code box. I’ll give you 10 percent off corrections and of course I look forward to reading all of your submissions. Finally just a few resources here based on my own web site. The Io’s teacher is the Web site name. You’ve heard it a few times already. You go to this part of the Web site here to set up a free demo lesson 20 minute free demo lesson and to choose your particular teacher for that lesson. That’s why you go to get the writing corrections Yosi to dot com slash writing dush corrections if you want to check out what a lesson looks like. Head over to the video demonstrations portion of the website and you can have a look at that for free. You can also check out reviews of the website reviews of the lessons and the corrections in the testimonial section. And finally you can check us out on Facebook Facebook dot com slash the science teacher. So hopefully I might be hearing from a few of you soon with some writing corrections submissions. But do let me know if you have any questions at all about our services.

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