Using Complex Sentences in Task 1

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Using Complex Sentences in Task 1

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We’re going to move into a new section today and this is section 6 which is called tuning the response and this section is all about the grammar that we use in our response so we’re going to begin by looking at using complex sentences when and how to use these complex sentences to improve communication and range. If we return to the bad descriptors we can see that in order to achieve a balance seven and the grammatical range and accuracy the band descriptors states that the writer uses a variety of complex structures and produces frequent error free sentences so therefore the section aims to improve both our range the variety aspect and the accuracy the error free aspect of our grammar while also maintaining speed and allowing us to answer the question in an appropriate manner. Now one of the best ways to improve your complexity of grammar is to use dependent clauses with independent clauses. And this creates a complex sentence. That is what a complex sentence is when you combine a dependent clause with an independent clause. But what are these Exactly. Now have a look at these sentences. First of all two hundred students studied Chinese. This is one independent clause. The idea is complete 200 students studied Chinese and 90 students studied French. These are two independent clauses linked by a coordinating conjunction. Something like and or BUT or so each idea makes sense alone. What about this one. Although 200 students study Chinese this is now a dependent clause. The idea is incomplete. It requires the addition of another clause for it to be a complete idea and so let’s have a look at combining that other Clause although 200 students study Chinese 90 studied French. Here we now have the dependent clause although 200 students three Chinese links to an independent clause 90 studied French by using what is called a subordinating conjunction. In this case although now the idea is complete so when do we use complex sentences while complex sentences which has mentioned joined a dependent clause to an independent clause are best used when there is an opportunity to compare and contrast two pieces of data. Therefore these sentences often come in useful in overviews where we are asked to compare general information for the same reason. They can also be used when talking about a change in direction for a graph of the trend or when discussing contrasting figures and comparative graphs in maps tasks. Complex instances can join to changes to a map and in processes tasks they can combine one stage with the next stage let’s have a look at these and a bit more detail here. We have a graph of the trend one that we’ve seen before. So let’s look at a three step process to creating a complex sentence. As mentioned first of all we’ll try to look for a contrast in the data a place where we can compare and create a contrast. For example three categories change a lot and one is relatively consistent. So running basketball and swimming all quite volatile the change throughout the period where is football remains consistent. So then you choose an appropriate subordinating conjunction to start the sentence for example whereas all despite a while also. And then you write about one piece of data followed by a comma and then you write about the other piece of data so let’s have a look at this an example with an overview overrule. While there’s a subordinate in conjunction running basketball and swimming all experienced major changes in popularity over the decade that are dependent laws. Then you come to the independent clause after the comma. Interest in football remains relatively consistent. Another example. Furthermore despite interest in running increasing dramatically over the period football state the most popular sport of choice from start to finish. Notice that the spy is a little bit trickier to use as it needs to be followed by a noun such as a juror and rather than a typical subject. Here are a couple of examples of how we could use complex sentences in the detail paragraphs in terms of ball sports focusing here on the football and basketball. Although basketball figures were high between 2001 and 2006 climbing from 55 to 61 students popularity then plummeted to just 20 students in 2008 and the rest of the decade. So notice here that we’re actually including figures as well as for running and swimming whereas the former’s popularity increased throughout the period tripling to about 60 students interest in the latter slipped to 25 after an initial surge from 20 to 50. Now here’s just a few tips. Try not to overcomplicate things. It is possible to write incredibly complex yet accurate sentences but be realistic. The longer the sentence the more likely you are to make a mistake and confuse the reader. For the same reason don’t use too many complex sentences. 7 requires that we have frequent error free sentences. The more simple sentences we have the more chance we have of achieving this requirement. And finally remember that the subordinating conjunction can come at the beginning of the second clause instead of the beginning of the first. But just remember that in this order we do not add a comma after the conjunction.

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