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Section Overview

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Welcome back everybody.

We’re getting there we’ve talked about the principles how to shift our mindset about learning.

We talked about the lies which were often bad advice given when it comes to learning.

And now we’re at a crucial point in the course and that is the pillars.

We’re going to be talking about the four pillars which are going to be the foundational concepts that

allow us to learn about the science and the techniques when it comes to efficient learning.

These pillars are going to finalize our mental model and set us up for the last two sections when we

actually develop the skills to become efficient learners to become smart learners these pillars are

what connects all the techniques we’re going to learn into one because you’ll notice that all the techniques

actually stand on these four pillars and every time we remember these four pillars even after we’re

done with the course you’re going to be able to remember these techniques because each of the techniques

are gonna be standing on one of these pillars but enough talk.

I’ve said pillars way too many times I think it’s time for us to understand what are these foundational

concepts that makes us stand out from the rest.

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