Efficiency Trumps Grit

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Efficiency Trumps Grit

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Let’s talk about our last principle and that is that efficiency trumps grit.

And this is great news for those that always think I’m never going to work as hard as this person or

I’ll never be able to put in the time as this person.

This is gonna be good news for you because to be good at learning to be good at a task or a skill you

don’t have to actually be the hardest worker you don’t have to constantly be on and constantly be productive

every single day when you wake up.

You have to wake up at 4:00 a.m. and work all day until 9:00 p.m. and then go to sleep and repeat.

We live in a society right now where there’s a lot of Type A personalities that is there is a lot of

people with a lot of drive a lot of grit to constantly learn to constantly push so that they’re successful.

And we keep hearing these terms all the time of Oh I’m so busy.

How’s your day.

Well it’s been a busy day.

How was your weekend.

I was really busy with work.

I was really busy with family I was really busy with this and that this idea of being busy now is seen

as a badge of honor in our societies.

Being busy is a good thing.

But the truth is being busy just shows that you have lack of time management skills and what you’ll

discover is that efficient learning isn’t about being the absolute hardest worker.

It’s about being smart with your time.

It’s all about being efficient.

And efficiency trumps grit.

You can be a person that studies for 80 hours a week do nothing but study work harder than anybody else

in the world.

But if you’re not using the right strategies if you’re not using the right methods and learning the

right topics then you’ll actually be surpassed by somebody that spends less time than you because that

person is being more efficient hopefully that’s why you’re taking this course.


Because if learning was all about volume and how much learning you can do well then anybody can do that.

It’s all about putting in the time.

But we have limited time in our lives.

We have limited skills that we can acquire in our life.

So we want to be as efficient as possible with our time and use the right strategies the right methods

to learn the skills that we need to be successful.

And this is great news.

Efficiency trumps grit if you use the right strategies you can get ahead of others.

And luckily most people don’t spend the time like you are doing now actually learning how to be an efficient


I hope this gets you excited because now that we’re done with the pillars we’re going to get into actual

science and techniques for us to become these efficient learners.

I’ll see in the next one.


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