Bonus- Class Reunion at Bletchley Park

دوره: Using Python to Access Web Data / فصل: JSON and the REST Architecture (Chapter 13) / درس 12

Bonus- Class Reunion at Bletchley Park

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I work in my university as a instructor and because of the Python class, I forgot the syntax of that was embarrassing in my job. I'm Kevin, I've only come from London, it's been really good to hear how Coursera has been put together and how you make the course and thank you. I work as a learning technologist and I'm interested in doing a Python course to bring my programming skills up to date.

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Well hello, we are at Bletchley Park where computer science, Internet history, technology, and all of computation started here at Bletchley Park. And we’ve had a very special, record setting office hours. And I wanted you to meet your fellow students. So here we go. So howdy. State your name and- Hi. I’m Steve. Well also but you should say that you’re somebody special. You’re not just Steve. Well I’m one of the mentors for the Python course, all of them. So welcome Steve. It’s an honor to have worked with you all these years right? Steve is the one that does all the hard work. I get all the credit and people like Steve and other mentors they actually do the hard work so thank you Steve. Thank you so much. Well thanks for inviting me down with your help, it’s brilliant. Yeah, so say hi to the rest of the class. Hi, I’m Benoit. I originated from France, now I live here at London. I’m very happy to live here. And meet you Dr. Chuck. I’m happy to meet you. I’ve done the intern at history class. I really loved it. I’m really keen to do the next one under Python. Cool. And don’t worry. It’s a very wide angle. So I’m not really taking a picture of your nose. Hopefully. Hi. I’m Craig. I’m doing the and web data and see you online. Okay. Did you get in trouble when that guy come talk to you? Yeah. Really? Yeah. You’re okay though? They’re going to let you come back? Yeah. I’m Steve. I’ve done the first Python course and I’m going to be doing some of the others soon, and I found it really, really useful in getting my way into the language Rich, really helpful. Thanks. Hi, I’m Jenny, and I’m a software developer. I use the Python for Everybody course to teach a programming class at an international school in ChangWei Thailand. And it’s good to be here at Park, England. You know that the book’s translated into Chinese, right? Does that work in Thailand? Not so well. Oh okay. See, I guess I’m not that cool so I- Different script. Hello. I’m Ano from France. I work in my university as a instructor and because of the Python class, I forgot the syntax of that was embarrassing in my job. You mean processing? You mean don’t use processing anymore? You use Python instead of processing? No, I use Arduino. I’m supposed to do the debugging at the university but and Python . Well welcome, did you travel from Paris? Yeah. You came from like, Paris to here? Yeah. I- [APPLAUSE] This is two hours. Right? I guess it is for Euro star. It’s not like coming from Australia. Right? I guess it’s not. Oh, someone beat me, huh? No, no, no, I’m not saying. No, I’m not saying, you’re right. Euro star Paris is closer than we, Paris is closer than we think. I’m Kevin, I’ve only come from London, it’s been really good to hear how Coursera has been put together and how you make the course and thank you. Well, thanks for coming. Hi, I’m Ji Yun. I’m Sapul. We are from China. So you’re students? We’re living here, yeah. Yeah, we are working here in the U.K. at the moment. Okay. So nice to meet you here at Blatchley park, and the Python crowd is great. Yeah. Cool. Hello, I’m Yanis. I used to work with Python for a long time, but it’s the first time that I’m taking a course, just to see the language proper. Thank you. Hello, I’m Isabel. I use your courses to refresh my computer science knowledge. Yes. I’m learning Python with you. I’ve been come to Bletchley Park at least five times. Like you, you’re a fan like me. Oh, I would have loved to have worked here doing the war! Oh! Must have been so exciting. Yeah, you know that three-quarters of the people here were women? Yeah. Yeah. Very impressive. We don’t have the most interesting jobs out of them, but we- Exactly, exactly. Yep. Hi, I’m Patrick, I did the Internet history course, and it’s a very exciting day for me today because when I did that course I said I wanted to go to the Bletchley Park, and I’m here today. And I also said I wanted to come to one of Doctor Chuck’s office hours, so I got to do two at once today which is quite brilliant. Yeah, one of my ideas is that this is our class reunion. Yeah. That was, I was thinking, well we could have a class reunion. Hi, I’m David. I’ve taken your Python courses and your course. Loving them. Welcome, glad you’re here. Hi, I’m Paul, and I’ve done the Python courses and they’re great. Thank you. Okay. Hi, I’m Hugh from Cambridge, and I have done your Python courses, I’m currently in the web one. I’m very excited to be here with you, and it’s great to try and teach kids. So, I’m actually learning it because my son’s doing Python for his exam. So, hopefully I can help him. Great, you’re like only like a couple of blocks away from Raspberry Pie headquarters. Right? That’s right. Here in Cambridge. And they’re doing Python stuff there too as well. Big time. Yeah. Like to get that all connected somehow. Yeah. Hi, I’m Roger. I’ve done the Python course, and I’ve just thought of the. Really influence the game right through. Cool. Hi, I’m Dallers. I come originally from Holland, but I live here in UK. I just started my journey with Python. I should say, thank you very much for everything you’re doing. It’s really, really good stuff. Yes? So, here’s the question. Do you know the history of Bletchley Park and the three Polish cryptographers? Yes. Poles are very, very underrated. Well, I bet everybody who’s historians here have done a really good job of making that clear. Which brings me to the next question. When are you gonna come to the office hours to a parent? I, we have a lot of friends there. I go many places, so maybe we’ll figure that out. One more thing. Okay. Hello to my wife and two daughters. There you go. Hi, I’m Matty Olive, just north of London. I took the first Python course so I could keep up with my little boy who’s learning it at school, basically. Great. It’s lovely to meet you. Lovely to meet you. Hello there, my name is Andrew. I’m a pensioner. Just doing the Python course for interest and I’m hoping to combine that with little projects I’ve got with the raspberry pie. Good. But I think the pie fund cost is a gripping cost. There you go. Well done. You’re very young for a pensioner. Indeed. To my seventys. Hello. I’m Adam, I came with my family and I’ve just started to learn . , and later I’d like to teach my daughter programming, yeah. At some point that will become normal. Yessum? Just the next generation of code breakers. Exactly. It is important to bring them to the ground zero. Ground zero. Ground zero of it all. Yeah. And in the future it will be so much better. We break this ground and it will stay broken. Definitely. Yeah. Hi, I’m Alice and I live in Bristol and I- Bristol, that’s far away, that’s that way. It’s a couple of hours southwest. Yeah. So I did the Python course a few months ago and I’m going to do your new one, the course three. Yeah, course three. Looking forward to seeing you in course three. But yeah they’re really good. I tried to do the ones from there wasn’t any one near as good. I’ll have to cut that out. No, maybe I won’t cut that part out. Hi. I’m Yang. It’s nice to see you in real life finally. I’m an analyst so I hope to be able to use your work and apply it to my work so I’ll follow you to Capstone I’m pretty sure. Well great. So keep up the good work. Well hopefully I’ll figure out the Capstone by the time we get to Capstone. Hi. Hi. I’m David. I’m from North of Liverpool. I work as a learning technologist and I’m interested in doing a Python course to bring my programming skills up to date. Because they’re about 20 years old. I’m a learning technologist myself. Yeah. Hello. Hi. I’m Cynthia. Yeah? And I’m taking your Python course, which is excellent. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn programming. And I’m on a career break right now, raising Aiden and Tyco. Hello. Hello. And it’s been great for maintaining intellectual sanity. That is a use case that’s very important, actually. But your career has something to do with like nuclear reactors or- No, no, no, no, no. Stealth aircraft? No, no, no. Used to but it’s math spectrometry. Oh math spectrometry. Whatever, I knew it was complex. So, without the computational part, math spectometrists are useless. Well, math spectrometry is a needle in the haystack problem. Yeah, but if it weren’t for the programming, we couldn’t get any sense of that data and I never knew how to do that before and I hope when I go back, I’ll actually know what I’m doing. Well great, great! That’s a great way to do a career break. Hi, my name is Alfman, I’m from London and I’ve done the Internet and history technology course and I’m looking forward to doing the python course. Do you want to be on? Or are you hiding? No, no, it’s just my wife. Oh okay, okay, you’re the photographer. Okay, so, we’ll get a wide shot of you all. Give yourself a large round of applause for your awesomeness and initiative. [APPLAUSE] So there we have it, the first perhaps of many class reunions here at Bletchley Park. So, see you on the net.

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