To Make Use of Water by Safia Elhillo

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To Make Use of Water by Safia Elhillo

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An animated interpretation of Safia Elhillo's poem To Make Use of Water -- Watch an interview with the poet here- http-// This animation is part of our new series, There's a Poem for That, which features animated interpretations of poems both old and new that give language to some of life's biggest feelings. Check out the full series here- http-// Poem by Safia Elhillo, directed by Jeffig Le Bars and Jeremie Balais. Sign up for our newsletter- http-// Support us on Patreon- http-// Follow us on Facebook- http-// Find us on Twitter- http-// Peep us on Instagram- http-//

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My name is Safia Elhillo, and this poem is called “to make use of water.” dilute i forget the arabic word for economy i forget the english word for عسل forget the arabic word for incense & english word for مسكين arabic word for sandwich english for صيدلية & مطعم & وله ‎ stupid girl, atlantic got your tongue blur back home we are plagued by a politeness so dense even the doctors cannot call things what they are my grandfather’s left eye swirled thick with smoke what my new mouth can call glaucoma while the arabic still translates to the white water swim i want to go home dissolve i want to go home drown half don’t even make it out or across you get to be ungrateful you get to be homesick from safe inside your blue american passport do you even understand what was lost to bring you here.

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