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Tell a Story

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The best acceptance speeches always tell a story.

Now you may say well how’s your time for a story.

You can be pretty.

You can tell a story in 30 seconds but talk about something that happened.

Recount a real conversation with a friend a colleague someone a family member about a challenge how

you overcame it and how it’s relevant to what it is you’re here for.

If you are an actor like Philip Seymour Hoffman told this compelling story How is just him and his mom

when he was a teenager waiting up at night watching the Academy Awards dreaming.

It was so emotional so compelling.

But you could be winning the accountant of the year for your state and to talk about particular challenges

that you faced April 15th or April 14th last year and the team that you worked with and how you overcame


So talk about a story make it brief make sure it’s relevant to a message you have for this audience

and tell it in a compelling way.

So have a story for your acceptance speech that we’re going to practice in just a few minutes.

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