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Just the Right Amount of Emotion

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Oh look folks a little emotion goes a long way now certainly if you’ve had a tough tough life been poor

your whole life and now you win the Academy Award and it’s your first movie or after a 50 year career.

Sure it’s understandable to have some emotion but you need the right amount of it.

If you’re just out there blubbering it’s not very interesting to people.

It’s a moment but you’re not really conveying anything so keep it together.

This is one of the beauties of having rehearsed your acceptance speeches you can show the right amount

of emotion and you can be emotional and the words can still come out because you thought of it.

You planned it.

You’ve practiced you ever rehearsed it but if you just take the attitude of Oh I don’t want to jinx

myself I’m not going to have anything to say to get up there.

Then the emotion of the moment may overwhelm you and you just can’t say anything and you kind of look

like an idiot especially if it’s on TV the whole world sees it.

So you want emotion but not so much that you’re just blubbering and you can’t get through your acceptance


So keep that in mind.

Let’s have emotion but not too much.

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