توضیح مختصر: Almost half of high school students are depressed or even suicidal. We need to address the situation today, before it is too late.

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the introduction. For the first half of my teaching program today content as we discussed earlier is going to be broken down into discussing the issue. And then in the second half we’re going to actually fix the issue. So here we are in the first half the program. What is the issue. So happiness and resiliency. Well here’s the issue. Happiness and resiliency are missing in my region of the world which happens to be just outside Toronto Canada for half our population. By the age of 40 that’s a really scary statistic. By 40 50 percent of our people are Canadians are dealing with either addiction mental unwellness high levels of anxiety and depression. And that’s a huge issue. So how is that trickling down to our younger populations right now almost half 48 percent of our high school students are feeling moderate to severe levels of anxiety and depression and in fact 15 percent of them are suicidal. So it’s not a theory that happiness and resiliency are missing. Unfortunately it’s a reality. Life has either become harder to handle or we as a population have become less able to handle it. My personal theory is we don’t have the quiet time that we used to generations ago shows like Leave It to Beaver for example which I watched as a kid maybe I’m dating myself here. They had more free time kids would come home from school have time to play have time to socialize. Maybe there was one income earner in the family but today if you’re a single person you might be working two jobs or you might have a business and a job or a business and a job in a network marketing business. If you’re a family if you’re a couple you probably have multiple jobs maybe a couple of businesses. And if you’re a young person chances are you’re booked solid Monday to Sunday and programs and tutoring and all of that. So we live these busy lives and it’s harder and harder for people to cope with them. Now people often say happiness is a choice. Well I don’t know about that. That could come across as pretty insulting to somebody who’s watching and not feeling so happy right now or not feeling like life is going your way or that you have any control or say over how it’s going. And I think of it differently. I think that resiliency is something we can choose to master so that when when we’re stronger and the challenges and the problems that occur in our lives are easier to handle then we can choose happiness. And our perspective our perception of our life changes when we increase our resiliency. So it feels like a bit of an unrealistic expectation to simply tell the world hey you can choose happiness no big deal. It’s really hard when people are going through challenging things. So the what. In our problem is happiness and resiliency is missing now what’s the. So what I mean what are the impacts why should we care and why is this a big issue. Well let’s take a look at it from the individual all the way out to society. If you’re a single person then you might not feel like you have too many people that are affected by your state of mood or happiness or mental well-being. Consider this if you’re not feeling good how productive are you around your own personal health. How productive are you when you’re at work. How much are you a contribution or of service to others. If you’re not feeling good about yourself. So yes you matter and so does your level happiness and resiliency. And if things get really out of hand you could even become in need of support services and may pull other people around you down into that feeling of unhappiness. Now what if you are a couple. If you’re a couple and one of the individuals in the partnership is not feeling great. This is going to have an effect on the entire relationship. You know it’s funny people say the number one cause of divorce is money. No it’s not. It’s the stress that money causes and the lack of resiliency to be able to handle that the subsequent lack of happiness around the situation and the feeling to give up because it seems hopeless. Money’s not the problem. Happiness and resiliency. So we’re going to go into more information on how this impacts the world and what we can do about it. I want to give you guys just a taste of this is an important topic and how much is going to make a difference for you. So come on back in the next lecture and we’re going to dive deeper into how happiness and resiliency affects your life and how you can get more of it.