Why Python and why Jupyter

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Why Python and why Jupyter

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Python and R are probably the two most widely used languages and data science this cause uses python.

And now we will see why there are actually very few arguments against its usage.

It is an open source general purpose high level language.

I would like to quickly go over these points open source means that it’s free to use and people can

actually contribute to it.

For example the ESC can learn package that we will use extensively started as a Google Summer of Code

project but developed in one of the most popular free machine learning packages.

If Python wasn’t an open source framework then that wouldn’t have happened.

Moreover it is available for use in all major operating systems.

Windows Mac and Linux general purpose shows that it is suitable for all types of needs not only data

science and machine learning but also pre processing web programming and just about anything you can

think of.

We will focus on its analytical part high level that’s a bit more technical but loosely explained it

has an easy syntax which is close to logical human language and which is later translated into lower

level languages or even zeros and ones.

For example the number pi package actually goes through the programming language see and that’s why

it is so fast.

That said we have to know that Python isn’t among the fastest programming languages.

However it is very easy to learn and use and there are countless packages developed and maintained for


OK now we have to install Python in Jupiter but why isn’t there just one software application called

Python that you can install on your computer that is automatically updated and that runs everything

smoothly Wow.

Python is a programming language it can allow you to communicate with the computer to do that.

You’ll need the help of a specific software or an application namely the Jupiter notebook app which

is more often called Jupiter can help us do that.

It is a server client application that allows you to edit your code through a web browser consider the

following graph all units represent different software on one side you have several language kernels.

These are programs designed to read and execute code in a specific programming language like Python

R or Julia the Jupiter installation always comes with an installed Python kernel and the other kernels

can be installed additionally on the other side.

You have various types of interfaces where you can write code they represent the clients.

An example of such a client is the web browser the Jupiter server provides the environment where a client

is matched with a corresponding languages kernel.

In our case we will focus on python and a web browser as a client or as an interactive shell your work

will be stored on a notebook document.

And since we will be strictly using the python language it will be called ie Python notebook file with

a file format dot IP y and B.

Having said all that we can explain why Jupiter is used in so many large corporations like Google Microsoft

and IBM Boyd’s design it is well suited for demonstrations of programming concepts and training first.

In large corporations solving a particular task could require coding in a few languages say Python R

Julia or HP instead of installing different interfaces for each language kernel you need.

Jupiter allows you to use the same structure of the notebook type of file.

Simply each notebook you create will connect to the language kernel you request.

Consider also this file can be easily stored locally or on a remote server therefore Jupiter facilitates

the communication between teams and a corporation.

Tremendously second.

Jupiter is not a text editor that opens a new window every time you execute a different part of your

code as is the case with some other software applications in the same file.

You can have pure text that can communicate a message to the reader.

Computer code like Python an output containing rich texts like equations figures graphs pictures and


This simplifies the process of the workflow immensely and Jupiter notebook is increasingly preferred

over other software packages.

That’s why we’ll use it to the next step would be to install Anaconda a software package that contains

both the Python programming language and the Jupiter notebook app.

Thank you for watching.

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