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There are various ways to install Python on your computer but especially for new users it is highly

recommended to opt for Anaconda.

It will install not only python but also the Jupiter notebook app and many scientific computing and

data science packages.

Let’s open w w w dot Anaconda dot com and click on the download button in the home page.

You have to pick one of the three operating systems Windows Mac or Linux.

I will show you how to install Anaconda on Windows but the procedure is identical if you’re going to

use the Mac or Linux version.

Now you must choose the best among the four provided options.

Do you need Python 2 or Python 3.

And then there is a 32 bed or a 64 bit version depending on the windows you have installed.

I know it sounds strange to maintain not one but two versions of a single program for this course.

The differences between Python 2 and 3 will be almost insignificant but we suggest you install Python

3 when you choose between a 32 or 64 bit version.

You can simply check your operating system newer computers are surely running with 64 bit processors

but if you would like to verify this before you begin you could open your control panel menu from the

start window then select the system and security icon then click on system icon.

In my case it is 64 bit.

So when I go back to the anaconda website I will select the 64 bit Python 3 version while waiting to

complete the download.

You can decide whether to leave your email to Anaconda.

This is not a necessary step so you could also select no thanks and you are good to go when the download

is finished.

Please double click on the file to run the application.

What follows is nothing different from the standard Windows Installer agree and press next until you

have the chance to specify a destination folder

you could do this after selecting the browse button.

When satisfied with the integrated directory click Next one more time.

We suggest you only the second advanced option the first option will automate more complicated processes

but causes some problems with previously installed software while the second will register Anaconda

as a default python on your computer.

If you have not installed some other package finally click install and proceed until you see the window

where you can finalize the installation.

We will not use Anaconda cloud just yet and we can learn about the anaconda support later.

So Allen tick both boxes.

What you just install is the whole Anaconda distribution.

The python language a text editor.

Many applications and packages.

You also have the Jupiter notebook app.

You can open the start menu and select the respective icon from there.

A new window will pop up.

It will take a few seconds for the app to load.

Once this is done your web browser will open a new tab with the Jupiter dashboard in our next video.

We’ll study the dashboard in more detail and we’ll learn how to use Jupiter.

See you there.

Thanks for watching.

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