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In this module, you will learn more about finding sources. Then you'll learn about how to be organized in your research by taking good notes on your sources. Also, you'll learn about writing an annotated bibliography, which is a common assignment when writing a research paper in college.

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In the first two modules we talked about what you need to do before you start writing your research paper and those are really important steps. Now we're going to talk about style, academic language and vocabulary necessary to write a strong research paper. You'll also learn how to write about statistics in your research paper.

But you wanna be careful about using overly emotional language, so calling people idiots is one example of something that is not formal and not academic. This is kind of a cliche, which we'll talk about in a minute, but rather than use this extreme language, It would might be better just to use the word killed. These are all important things to remember about academic tone and language, which are necessary when you write a research paper.

Now some subjects depend on statistics a lot, subjects like Science or health or sociology or criminal justice, those things might use statistics a lot in their writing. In English papers, you would want to include them in a paragraph not as bullet points. There's no exact way to use statistics in your paragraphs, but the key is to make sure that it's logical, so that your reader doesn't get confused.

It can also be useful to native English speakers, if you have trouble writing in a formal tone and then I'm also gonna show you some resources for reporting verbs. If you search for academic reporting verbs, again, you'll find a long list of web pages that you can use and pretty much any of these will work. So if you wanted to show that your source is in agreement with a point that you're making in your paper, these are some of the academic reporting verbs that you should use to introduce the quote or the paraphrase.

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