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دوره: رسیدن به شادی واقعی / فصل: Finding Real Happiness / درس 1

Preview to the Happiness Module

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Hi and this module is about happiness and happy days. How to help more of those and less sad days. Happiness and how do you find it. We want to help you get to a stage where your happiness is a state and no longer just a temporary emotion. That’s why we talk about it as a habit. So that it becomes the norm rather than the infrequent. We’re going to help you unlock the secrets to creating a happy state and staying fulfilled; by understanding and learning the habits that are powerful known to all. Except for the really contented on home movies elite in the world.As the elite the sooner you can realize the reality of impermanence when it comes to your mood. The sooner you will realize happiness and its more stable form of contentment. So the seven habits of number one have a knowledge of loose change and those transformations are temporary. Now you have that insight on the number one rule leading a happy life. Even in difficult situations, we can start to react positively and create a more happy state. Now this study is as clear as the mystical evidence of the more important variable. More important than social background, education or income. As we train the mind to overcome these responses, we empower ourselves to make better choices in the face of adversity. We have developed the Buddha’s teaching one stage further to cover a facet of true happiness and habit number seven. Seven habits to happiness; to make sure you live your life with joy and gratitude.

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