Preview to the Kicking Bad Habits Module

دوره: رسیدن به شادی واقعی / فصل: Learning how to change Bad Habits / درس 1

Preview to the Kicking Bad Habits Module

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For the elite the number one rule is Do not rely solely on willpower and do not try to go cold turkey and force yourself to break habit. There is actually a scientific term for this concept is called ego depletion. We are going to give you some tips to break habits in a more controlled and a more guaranteed way. First things first start with one single habit. Number two. Number three four. Number five. Use some thing to set reminders. It gives you reminders and tips to help you and you can even share progress with the community. One mistake or one lapse in the month does not equal failure. So give yourself the leeway and don’t demand of yourself perfection. You will get motivated by these streaks and it is this consistency that is most important to get you results in forming a new habit. There’s another two bonus tips for including Stangl them. Instead of going to smoking 0 cigarettes when you are currently smoking two boxes of cigarettes a day. Bad habits can have negative effects on a lot of things not least happiness but also the time you can use to do more productive things.

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